Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Award!

I was given my first blog award I am so so excited and super greatful.  Carina from  This was so nice of her to pass on to me now it is up to me to pass it on to five people.  First here are three things about me.

Here they are:
1. I am a paper addict
2. I love to cook food from scratch
3. Being a mom is the most important thing I have ever done!

Now I am going to foward this award on to five people that I may or may not know.

1. Tracy
2. Darlene
3. Tanya
4. Heidi
5. Sheryl

Now it is time for the above nominees to pass the award on.  Please follow the directions above and display  the blog award in your side bar.  Link the award back to Digi's with Attitude blog at to qualify for a gift certificate.  Read the entry for exact instructions.  Congrats to all!!

Thanks again Carina!

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