Tuesday, March 8, 2011


First step plug in your gypsy to the Imagine you use the same cord you do for the expression.
Attach the cord to your gypsy just like to would to connect the Expression.
click the Imagine Icon
The Imagine app will load.
click manage cartridges
click the add button and this will add your cartridge
The cartridge will now upload to the gypsy this will take quite a bit longer than the org cartridges about 10-12min.
Now you cartridge is on the gypsy (Yay!)
Exit and go back to the main screen and click print and cut.
Now you are ready to design with your Imagine cartridge on the Imagine.
Dont worry if this is hard to follow I am going to have a video on this as well in the how to Imagine Series.

Have a wonderful day as always I appreciate comments and followers thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Great tutorial Angela,
    I seen where you clicked the + sign to add a cartridge, does that mean if you click on the - sign you can unlink it?

  2. There is actually a delete button off to the right and that is where you will take the gypsy off of your gypsy! HTH


  3. Great Tutorial Thank You can I use this on my blog of course you would get all the coo doos.

    Hugs Debbie
    Please let me know